BOLE and SEPRO Group have developed a strong partnership that allows us to provide a complete production cell to our customers. This package can include the moulding machine, robot, guarding and any downstream equipment.

Machine and robot are supplied in a matching colour scheme, and we take care of interfacing, plinth specification (to ensure adequate part clearance) and CE compliance. As we are providing a complete solution, we can also arrange finance packages that cover the complete installation.

In addition to a comprehensive range of three, five and six-axis models, side-entry and other specialist designs are available.

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Key Features


6X Visual robots are a comprehensive range of 6-axis models that are ideal for applications involving more complex tasks such as product testing or assembly.  Being ISO 5 compliant, they are also suitable for cleanroom applications.

5X & 7X Line robots are based on premium 3-axis models, but also have the addition of a 2-Axis CNC wrist.  The resulting 5-axis models have full servo control, allowing for complex and accurate articulated movements within the mould envelope, or during complex downstream applications.

In-Mould Labelling (IML) & Packaging applications can benefit from our ‘Speed Entry’ range of side-entry robots. Ideal for thin-walled packaging applications, the modular design can accommodate both standard multi-impression and stack-plate mould designs.


S5 & S7 Line robots are high-performance 3-Axis models that offer ultimate levels of accuracy and reliability.  Ideal for de-moulding applications, they can also be easily adapted to suit more complex tasks.

5 Dual Arm robots are based on S5 and S7 models, having an integrated sprue picker that assists in the de-moulding of 3-plate (stack) moulds.

Multi-Inject models are designed for the efficient de-moulding of machines with a secondary injection unit fitted to the top of the fixed platen.  (Twin-shot machines).


Success & Strong robots are ideal for straightforward de-moulding and stacking applications. These general-purpose models still have the speed and reliability you would associate with Sepro, but at a lower price point.  The Strong series is designed to work with larger tonnage machines and can handle substantial mouldings and EOAT.

S5 Pickers are in effect small 3-Axis (Beam) robots that are specifically designed to remove sprues and deposit them in a receptacle or the hopper of a press-side granulator.


These pneumatic sprue pickers are reliable, high-performance units that are simple to set up.  They benefit from features such as a 90-degree wrist and electronic sprue detection.

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Full Product Range

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