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BOLE TY Series

Insert moulding and overmoulding has revolutionised how products are designed and moulded, by merging numerous materials into a single product. This ability to blend style and function transforms ordinary components into unique, higher-value products.

Overmoulding is an advanced moulding technique that involves injecting a secondary material over a preformed moulded component, improving aesthetics, grip, and functionality. From creating soft-touch grips on toothbrushes and tools, enhancing the seal of electronic enclosures, or providing cushioning on medical devices.

Insert moulding is used to transform simple plastic components into multifunctional, integrated parts, by inserting non-plastic components into the mould tool during the moulding cycle. This technique involves moulding plastic around preformed inserts, elevating the functionality and strength of the final product. Widely used across various industry sectors, insert moulding brings forth products like durable tool handles, electrical connectors and plugs, and efficient gear components.

With multiple injection units and multiple stages of the processes to manage, your choice of injection moulding machinery matters more than most. If you’re looking to deliver consistent and precise results with your insert or overmoulding process, reach out to the BOLE team today.


BOLE TY Series

Sector-specific advantages:

  • Vertical / Horizontal injection units
  • Single slide table for ease of part removal
  • Shuttle / Rotary tables available
  • Fully automation compatible
  • Small footprint
  • Very cost effective
  • Energy efficient
See TY Series
TY-5000 - Vertical Injection moulding machine

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