Medical Sector

BOLE FE Series

The medical sector stands out as one of the most critical industries in today’s manufacturing landscape, and an area where plastics manufacturers have proved their value to patients the world over when responding to recent international events. Medical products also tend to be heavily regulated and technically demanding, with little margin for error, meaning that the precision and reliability of your moulding process are vital when working in healthcare.

Injection moulding plays an essential role in the medical sector, bringing to life an array of medical components that are both functional and life-saving. From the syringe barrels that provide accurate dosage delivery to durable surgical instruments and implantable devices, each piece plays its part in the medical industry, and must be manufactured to the highest standards.

As healthcare continues to evolve, so does the need for components that can meet the standards of quality, safety, longevity and increasingly, sustainability. In this ever-evolving field, choosing machinery that can consistently deliver on these expectations becomes an integral part of the medical moulding journey.


BOLE FE Series

Sector-specific advantages:

  • Fully electric
  • Precise and accurate
  • Fast, quiet and energy efficient
  • Small footprint
  • Suitable for most cleanroom grades as standard
  • Fully configurable to meet your individual needs
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fe series all electric injection moulding machine

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